How It Works

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$17,000 per year Tax FREE for Your Child’s Education - Without Raising Taxes

Imagine a world where parents have the opportunity to select the best education fit for their child without financial barriers. 

The Children’s Educational Opportunity Act or CEO Act, gives parents the option of Public, Charter, Private, Parochial and Home Schooling for their child.  

Using 1988 voter approved Proposition 98 funds for education, every child in California from Kindergarten to 12th grade can receive $17,000 annually deposited into their child’s Education Savings Account (ESA). Parents choose the best school fit for their child, not a government bureaucrat or central planner. Any unused money left over in the child’s Educational Savings Account (ESA) earns interest and can be used for future educational expenses. 

Best part is at the end of 12th grade, unused Education Savings Account funds can be applied to Trade Technical School, Community College, University and Postgraduate studies for the rest of the students life. 

After 18 years of age, the student can transfer unused ESA funds to family members ESA or accredited school.

Participating schools do not have to change any of their teaching material or methods as long as they are accredited schools by regional, national or religious accrediting bodies.

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