California Raises the Bar on Climate-Friendly School Lunches

Would you trade cheeseburgers for tempeh tacos? In California school cafeterias, plant-based meals are becoming more and more common. While such options are expanding all over the country, California is leading the way with several initiatives geared toward making school lunches both more climate-friendly and nutritious. 

A recent report from Friends of the Earth (FOE) found that among the state’s 25 largest school districts, more than two-thirds now serve non-meat, non-dairy entrees a minimum of once a week. That’s 50 percent more than four years ago. And more than half of middle and high schools offer a plant-based option daily.

With close to six million kids in California’s schools, even a “small shift” toward more plant-based meals can make a difference, noted Nora Stewart, FOE’s California climate friendly school food manager.

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