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  • 09/05/2023
$17,000, entirely tax-free, is allocated for your child's education, all without the need for increased taxes. Rather than routing Proposition 98 funds exclusively to government-run public schools, they are redirected into a dedicated Education Savings Account (ESA), accessible to Kindergarten through 12th-grade students for their educational needs. The parent decides the best education fit for the child not a government central planner or bureaucrat. The ESA funds are seamlessly transferred to the chosen school. Parents never touch the money.

Any unspent ESA funds following the completion of 12th grade can be applied towards Trade Technical School, Community College, University, and Postgraduate studies, for the rest of the student’s lifetime. Upon reaching 18 years of age, the student retains the option to transfer some or all of the unused ESA funds to either a family member's ESA or a school. Now low and moderate income families have the same education choices as affluent families. This is both equality and equity. It is that simple.
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