Teachers Can Make $150,000 with the Children's Educational Opportunity Act

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  • 08/07/2023
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Teaching goes beyond being just a job; it is a genuine calling. Teachers, like you, understand the profound impact of shaping young minds and providing them with the finest education possible. Because education, is the key that unlocks the full potential of every child, granting them purpose in life and the ability to break free from the chains of poverty. It opens the doors to a better life, not only for our children but also for their families.

But let me pose a crucial question: Does California's public school system truly value its teachers? Unfortunately, the resounding answer is a resounding NO. Our esteemed educators are undervalued and underpaid, with their salaries failing to reflect the immense dedication and hard work they pour into their profession.

Now, here's an astonishing fact: California spends a staggering $23,000 per student each year, from Kindergarten to 12th grade. Can you imagine that? In a typical classroom of 30 students, that adds up to a whopping $690,000 spent annually to educate that class. But wait, my friends, here's the kicker: The average salary of a California public school teacher stands at a mere $86,000. Where does the remaining $604,000 go? Surely not towards the teachers' salaries or student resources.
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