A quick guide to reading the newest California School Dashboard data

After a three-year hiatus, the California School Dashboard has been released, giving California educators and families a detailed snapshot of how the education system has been running post-pandemic.

The CSD is an online database, originally created in 2017, that shows how California’s education agencies and schools are performing on state and local indicators. It is a product of a 2013 law that changed how California funds public schools and holds local education agencies accountable for student performance.

The dashboard plays a pivotal role in the state’s school accountability system, providing up-to-date information on graduation rates, suspension rates, test scores, the progress of English learners, how prepared high school students are for success after graduation, chronic absenteeism and other more local indicators.

“It is our hope that the dashboard results will provide valuable information to educators about the effectiveness of learning acceleration efforts and other programs implemented to help all students thrive,” said California State Board of Education President Linda Darling-Hammond.

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