Commentary: California should mandate climate change education now

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  • Source: LA Times
  • 09/07/2023
We see signs of climate change’s devastating impact all over Orange County — in rising sea levels in our coastal cities, such as in Seal Beach and Newport Beach; wildfires in Laguna Niguel and Silverado Canyon; coastal erosion in San Clemente, where train service has been repeatedly suspended; and the collapsing hillside under Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens. Experts say Climate Change was a key reason Tropical Storm Hilary was the first to hit Southern California in 84 years. Extreme heat and water shortfalls affect us all.

In response, Sacramento is implementing a slew of bold environmental laws and regulations. However, these much needed changes are unlikely to succeed without buy-in from the public. We need to raise the public’s comfort level with the drastic changes needed to combat climate change. People need to be convinced that a future in which their cars, houses, stoves and garden equipment run on electricity — and that they will need to live sustainably — will not mean a decline in their quality of life. Otherwise, there is going to be a political backlash that will undo these vitally necessary policies.

This effort must begin in school. That’s why California should mandate climate change education in grades K-12 right now.

Please help put parents in charge of their child’s education by forwarding this article to other parents, family, friends and voters.

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