How to Talk About the Israel-Hamas War: Resources for Educators

Soon after the surprise Hamas attack on Israel this past weekend, the San Diego County Office of Education released a memo with a list of resources that educators and parents can use to help young children and adolescents think and talk about this international crisis that as of late Monday had claimed more than 1,500 casualties and caused some of the greatest violence the region has seen in years.

“California is home to students and staff with cultural ties to Israel and Palestine, and has seen a rise in antisemitic and Islamophobic incidents even before the outbreak of war,” according to the Oct. 7 memo. “As educators, we must make sure we provide a safe space for all members of our community to learn about current events and process their emotions.”

Other school district leaders are taking similar steps to help their communities process the Hamas attack from the weekend and the ensuing Israeli response.

Fred Rundle, the superintendent of Mercer Island school district in Washington state, sent out an Oct.9 memo providing resources for educators and parents to use to discuss the crisis with their students and children.

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