Investing in Educator Housing

As educators across the state grapple with the ability to afford to live where they work, a public-private partnership in Palo Alto broke ground in August on a housing development that will bring 110 new units set aside for teachers and education support professionals in the expensive San Francisco Bay Area.

The housing project, called 231 Grant, was made possible through an innovative partnership that saw Santa Clara County contribute $37 million, social media giant Meta give a $25 million grant, and the San Francisco Housing Accelerator Fund provide a $24.7 million permanent loan. Four school districts — Palo Alto Unified, Los Altos, Mountain View Whisman and Foothill-De Anza Community College District — contributed a total of $3.25 million to the development. Educators and ESPs in these districts will be eligible to apply for an apartment when the project is completed in mid- to late-2025.

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