Is Cursive Making a Comeback in California? Bill Could Revitalize Traditional Writing Skills

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  • Source: EducationWeek
  • 09/15/2023
California elementary and middle school students could soon see a renewed commitment to teaching cursive writing in their English and language arts classes.

Assembly Bill 446 would require cursive handwriting instruction in first through sixth grade. The bill comes from Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva, D-Fullerton, a former public elementary school teacher herself. Legislators sent the measure to Newsom’s desk Wednesday.

Although cursive writing instruction is already part of the California educational standard, Quirk-Silva said the implementation of the curriculum varies greatly from classroom to classroom. The bill doesn’t pinpoint a specific grade in which teachers would have to teach cursive, but rather requires them to be more intentional about making sure they include some instruction on it each year from first through sixth grade.
Writing with a fountain pen by Aaron Burden is licensed under Unsplash

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