SB 292:Is California Ready For School Choice?

You can add Arkansas to the list of states that have enacted universal school choice legislation this year. In just three months, Republican governors in Iowa and Utah, and now newly-elected Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, have signed laws creating statewide Education Savings Account (ESA) programs that empower parents to use state education dollars to send their child to the best school for them.

That makes 11 states that now have ESA programs, EdChoice reports, and 28 states are considering ESA legislation, including lawmakers in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Ohio, and Oklahoma.

Next up … California!

California Policy Center (CPC) is proud to announce that we are sponsoring the new ESA bill introduced by state Senator Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield). Senate Bill 292 — the California Education Savings Account Act of 2024 — would create an ESA for every California student and allow parents to choose what accredited K-12 school best suits their child’s needs. The student’s share of Proposition 98 education funding follows them to that school.

Please help put parents in charge of their child’s education by forwarding this article to other parents, family, friends and voters.
California by Julian Myles is licensed under Unsplash

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