"What Is a Floppy Disk?" — Teacher Gives Class '90s Trivia and Almost Everyone Fails

There's nothing that makes you feel old like a class full of young kids who look at you like you have a booger on your face if you mention relics from the '90s. That's exactly what happens in one teacher's TikTok video when he gives his class '90s trivia and only one kid gets one answer right. The user, @chesterstoeckle, whose real name is Chester, says in the caption that he gave his class random '90s trivia at the end of the school year for fun.

But for those of us who were alive in the '90s and know what a floppy disk and The Real World are, it's not so fun. It's just a painful reminder that we're getting old. At least, that's how I feel after watching the video. OK, that may be a little dramatic, since the kids are pretty funny with their stumped faces at almost every question.

@chesterstoeckle Last two weeks of school, we like to keep real!! 🤣🤣#teachersoftiktok #teacherlife #lovemyjob #thisclassrocks #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound - Chester Stoeckle

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black floppy diskette by Vincent Botta is licensed under Unsplash unsplash.com

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