Breaking The Chains of Poverty

The Children's Educational Opportunity Act empowers children to break free from under performing school, ending the cycle of poverty by opening doors to a brighter future. It’s about leveling the playing field and ensuring that every child, regardless of their background, has the same educational opportunities as those from affluent families.

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Parents battle gender secrecy in California schools
State sues district to block parental notification policy
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Attorneys Seek to Compel Calif. District to Reinstate Teachers
Attorneys for two San Diego middle school teachers who were put on administrative leave after refusing to abide by a school district policy regarding their students' gender identity are seeking to sanction the district for disobeying a court order to reinstate the teachers.
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Show Me the Money
California voters value education and the benefits it provides to our children, our future. That’s why voters in 1988 approve Proposition 98 which amended the California Constitution to mandate a minimum level of 39 percent of the state’s budget be directed towards education.
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Investing in Educator Housing
Development will allow teachers, ESPs to live where they work
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California school district writes blueprint for nationwide teacher housing
As school districts build subsidized teacher housing to combat shortages, one Silicon Valley-area district has developed a "road map" to expand projects nationwide.
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Oregon, California lawmakers introduce bill to teach kids, teachers, parents dangers of fentanyl
Oregon and California state leaders, including Representative Suzanne Bonamici, introduced a new bill called the Fentanyl Awareness For Children And Teens In School Act on Thursday.
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Banning the Banning of Books: Illinois and California lead the way
In June, at the Harold Washington Library in Chicago, Governor JB Pritzker signed legislation banning book bans in Illinois public libraries. This legislation, initiated by Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias, passed the Illinois House and Senate in March by substantial majority.
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