Breaking The Chains of Poverty

The Children's Educational Opportunity Act empowers children to break free from under performing school, ending the cycle of poverty by opening doors to a brighter future. It’s about leveling the playing field and ensuring that every child, regardless of their background, has the same educational opportunities as those from affluent families.

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California teachers are using AI to grade papers. Who’s grading the AI?
Your children could be some of a growing number of California kids having their writing graded by software instead of a teacher.
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Newsom Signs Legislation Investing $2 Billion in Publicly Funded Child Care
Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a series of early education bills that will boost California’s publicly funded child care and preschool programs right as federal pandemic relief for child care providers runs out at the end of September.
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The Future is STEM — But Without Enough Students, the U.S. Will Be Left Behind
Schneider: America has a supply chain problem that starts in elementary school. With the NEED Act, Congress has a chance to help turn this around.
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Opinion: The musical gift Los Angeles offers public school kids
L.A. is a bastion of music education in public classrooms compared with most of the country, where participation in the arts largely depends on whether your parents can pay for it.
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Teacher Salary Map Reveals States That Pay Educators the Best
A map shows where teachers are paid the best—and worst—in the U.S.
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Anxious California teachers with pink slips await word on jobs next school year
Budget shortfalls have led 100 California school districts to issue layoff notices to 1,900 teachers.
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Spike in San Diego homeless students
San Diego city schools see seven-year high in the number of homeless students.
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Why California Should Look to Pentagon’s Schools to Improve Lagging Academic Skills
The state Department of Education released results from the latest round of academic achievement tests of California’s nearly 6 million public school students last week and there were – unfortunately – no surprises.
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