Every Child is Eligible

Every child in California, from Kindergarten to 12th grade, regardless of race or family income, is eligible to participate and benefit from the Children's Educational Opportunity Act.  It’s about leveling the playing field and ensuring every child has the same educational opportunity as those from affluent families.
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California school board president rips state's teachers union, calls for 'more faith-based site reps'
Audio shows Julie Hupp, president of the Rocklin Unified School District, blasting the California Teachers Association for 'political action'
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Substitute teachers’ pay is lacking | Commentary
Imagine that tomorrow morning you will work with people you’ve never met at a place you’ve never been. If you’ve arrived early, you will have approximately 15 minutes to orient yourself. If you need assistance, the name of a small child has been provided.
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12 Educational Facts About ‘Abbott Elementary’
The hit comedy doesn’t shy away from the struggles underpaid and overworked teachers face.
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California school district policy 'outing' trans pupils blocked by judge
A judge has blocked part of a policy in a California school district that would require teachers to 'out' trans students to their parents.
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California students among nation’s worst for math and language
State is falling short in some very important indices of societal achievement, such as public education
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California student test scores change little from last year’s low
Overall, 46.7% of students were at or above grade level for English language arts, and 34.6% met or exceeded the standard in math.
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Report reveals high rates of mental health challenges among Berkeley Unified students
A new report conducted by the Berkeley Unified School District found high rates of mental health challenges among students, Berkeleyside reported.
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Why California Might Mandate the ‘Science of Reading’ in All Schools
A new Assembly bill introduced today would require all California schools to teach students to read using the “science of reading,” a phonics-based approach that research shows is a more effective way to teach literacy.
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