Parental Choice

Parents are no longer left out of the picture. The Children's Educational Opportunity Act lets parents decide the best educational fit for their child, not a government bureaucrat.
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Education leaders foster statewide ethnic studies programs
State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond hosted a webinar featuring a variety of inspirational speakers who discussed the importance and journey of ethnic studies in California.
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'A Trifecta of Harm': Federal Judge Says California School District Can't Force Teachers To Lie to Parents About Gender Identity
A federal judge on Thursday blocked a San Diego-area school district from forcing teachers to lie about a child's gender identity to their parents.
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State Preschool Enrollment & Opportunity to Serve More California Families
Despite California's efforts to expand preschool access, many children are missing out on these crucial early learning opportunities.
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Too much talk, not enough action for Black students in California
California needs to do much better for Black students and the efforts to do so as of late are few, far between, and watered down.
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Ethnic studies becomes a graduation requirement in LAUSD
Beginning this academic year, and three years ahead of the state’s mandate, all incoming high school students in the Los Angeles Unified School Unified School District will have to complete an ethnic studies course in order to graduate.
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Commission offers teacher candidates a Road Map to Teaching
The latest education news updates from EdSource.
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School book bans have increased 33% since last year, but hope is not lost
Despite growing lawsuits and protests against book restrictions, bans continue to spread rapidly, according to a new report. But students are providing a glimmer of hope.
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California school district policy 'outing' trans pupils blocked by judge
A judge has blocked part of a policy in a California school district that would require teachers to 'out' trans students to their parents.
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