Parental Choice

Parents are no longer left out of the picture. The Children's Educational Opportunity Act lets parents decide the best educational fit for their child, not a government bureaucrat.
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Depending on Where You Teach, It Could Take 5 to 12 Years to Repay Your Debts
For educators, the state they teach in can affect how long it takes them to pay off their loans.
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Investing in Educator Housing
Development will allow teachers, ESPs to live where they work
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Can Teachers and Parents Get Better at Talking to One Another?
Families are more anxious than ever to find out what happens in school. But there may be value in a measure of not-knowing and not-telling.
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If We Want Better Schools, We Need to Be a Serious People
Our schools are failing not because of what happens in the classroom, but because of what happens—or more to the point, what doesn’t happen—at the dinner table. If we wish to be a serious people, then we must bolster our institutions with the power to humanize and domesticate the bedlam within us all.
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California seeks more teachers to combat widespread shortage
California is facing a teacher shortage so severe and widespread that the state school superintendent held a summit Monday to try to recruit more teachers.
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Parents battle gender secrecy in California schools
State sues district to block parental notification policy
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Most teachers are too busy to be culture warriors
A few days ago, I attended my last back-to-school night at our local public middle school. That real-world experience offered a dramatic contrast to the perpetual online brawling today between irate parents, irate teachers and irate politicians over education.
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2023 average teacher pay for each Sacramento CA schools
Average teacher pay in California rose. Some school districts in Sacramento area saw increases up to 10%. Highest-paid in Silicon Valley.
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