California faces big challenges to implement new math guidelines

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  • Source: The Almanac
  • 12/02/2023
After a contentious road to approve a new set of statewide guidelines on teaching students math, California officials must still figure out how to support school districts with implementation.

The 2023 math framework, which the State Board of Education passed in July, is a 1,000-page document that details what many state and education officials accept as the best practices to teach mathematics. Although not everyone agreed and controversies arose during the four years of work it took to reach approval, math experts and organizations across the state are beginning to have conversations about what a statewide rollout could look like.

The state hasn't provided funding for implementation, which is typical, said Mike Torres, director of curriculum frameworks and instructional resources for the Department of Education. Historically, any framework rollout isn't funded and is implemented with outside collaborators who are experts in the topic. For the most part, district officials must find ways to fund professional development on their own.

"This situation with the mathematics framework is not different," Torres said. "There isn't any specific funding where we can pay experts to help us participate in webinars ... or put on events."

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Math exam by Chris Liverani is licensed under Unsplash

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