California schools are failing families

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  • Source: WORLD
  • 10/26/2023
CAL THOMAS, COMMENTATOR: The second-largest school district in the country is suffering from academic afflictions of its own making. While test scores at the high school level show a decline in math proficiency of 24 percent and a decline in reading proficiency of 51 percent, is the district making improvement in these subjects a top priority? Apparently not.

Instead, California legislators passed a new law in September creating a pro-LGBTQ task force in the state. The task force is slated to begin its work “implementing supportive policies and initiatives” for LGBTQ students by July 1 of next year. How this will improve the eventual job prospects for graduates, however, no one is saying, because it doesn’t.

Los Angeles schools are increasingly passing students who don’t even meet grade-level standards. This will have important ramifications for their future. As many as 60 percent of students come from low-income families. It’s hard to argue that the imposition of this woke curriculum will improve their lives.

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