California Teachers Stage Unauthorized ‘Teach-In,’ Claiming School District’s Israel-Palestine Curriculum Was ‘One-Sided’

Teachers in Oakland, California, held an unauthorized "teach-in" on Wednesday about the current situation in Palestine and Israel, ABC News reported.

The teach-in was organized after Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) officials released guidelines and resources for teachers who plan to facilitate classroom conversations about the conflict.

Teach-in organizers told ABC News they felt the resources they were given only reflected a single perspective — one from Israel. In response, they planned the teach-in to educate children and others on how to think critically about what was happening in Gaza.

About 75 to 100 K-12 teachers came together to host guest speakers, in-class discussions, and other lessons in their classrooms to highlight the Palestinian narrative. The teach-in took place across the city in all grade levels.

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