Bill to prevent California school textbook bans is in limbo

An Inland Assemblymember’s bill, intended to prevent school boards from banning textbooks that teach California’s ethnic diversity and cultural history, is in a holding pattern after a state Senate committee vote Monday, Aug. 21.

With no discussion, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted to place AB 1078 in the “suspense file,” a procedural limbo for bills that commit the state to spending money. At a later date, the committee could either release the bill from the file and allow it to move forward or keep it in that status, effectively killing it.

Sponsored by Assemblymember Corey Jackson, D-Perris, AB 1078 would require school boards, when adopting learning materials, “to ensure the accurate portrayal of the cultural and racial diversity of our society.”

It also would requires a two-thirds supermajority vote by school boards seeking to remove a book or curriculum. Schools could lose funding if their educational materials don’t meet California Department of Education content standards.

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