Economic Mobility

Education is the great equalizer that can break the chains of poverty and pave a path to social and economic mobility. It provides individuals with the tools they need to rise above their circumstances and create a better life for themselves and their families.

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Is a Fresno Teacher Strike Inevitable? District Outlines Preparations in Board Resolution
Fresno Unified School District is moving forward with preparations to mitigate the impacts of a potential strike by the district’s 4,473 teachers after an apparent rejection of a state mediator’s proposed agreement last week.
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California school district offering substitute teachers $500 per day to cross teachers' picket line
The Fresno, California, school district is offering substitute teachers more than double their normal rate to fill vacancies as teachers authorize a strike.
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Beyond crayons and circle time: What California transitional kindergarten needs to succeed
California is rolling out its transitional kindergarten program, with the goal of offering it for all 4-year-olds by 2025-26. While some schools have had programs in place for years, others are just starting to create teaching guidelines.
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Why California Should Look to Pentagon’s Schools to Improve Lagging Academic Skills
The state Department of Education released results from the latest round of academic achievement tests of California’s nearly 6 million public school students last week and there were – unfortunately – no surprises.
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Inside the fight to keep parents in the know about their kids’ gender in California schools
A Southern California school district requires teachers and staff to notify parents when their children say they have been bullied, are considering self-harm, or decide to publicly identify as a gender opposite their biological sex at school.
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31-year-old California teacher’s jobs give him ‘time,’ ‘freedom’ and $115,000 a year—here’s how he spends his money
Jae Byun loves his job as a high school math teacher and basketball coach. And he makes six figures doing it.
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Parents battle gender secrecy in California schools
State sues district to block parental notification policy
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Schools to Research the Impact of Their Environments On Students
Students today face a number of mental and emotional stressors both inside and outside of the classroom.
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